About us


Our mission is to provide the highest quality of screening, diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology services to both patients and providers in our community within a safe, compassionate, professional and technologically advanced environment


Our vision is to remain in the forefront of the radiology community through our innovative structure and systems. Thus, assisting physicians in providing expedient care for the patients they serve.


Our business will be conducted with integrity and our radiologists are well-trained and certified or eligible for certification. Our expectation is that our clients will view us as a tried and true diagnostic center of excellence.



Dar El Ashaa is a highly equipped Radiology and Imaging Center was established in 2000 in Alexandria, Egypt. Owned by group of highly experienced Professors of Radiology and Staff members of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria, specialized in Diagnostic Imaging.

For around twelve years of operation and development, Dar El Ashaa hasn’t ceased to grow and become one of the biggest imaging diagnostic centers in Egypt.
Dar El Ashaa participates with other organizations to provide radiology professional and management services. Dar El Ashaa is proud to provide expert diagnostic radiology services to our business partners.

Dar El Ashaa is one of the largest radiology groups in the region and offers a depth of specialization that is more characteristic of radiology departments at major academic medical centers than in the private practice setting.

Dar El Ashaa prides itself on delivering the highest quality of care and carries out this mission by using consultants and Faculty members with specialized training and expertise to interpret a patient’s imaging study. Centers of Excellence.